Top 10 Digital Marketing Hacks for 2016
January 24, 2016 suavelibran

Top 10 Digital Marketing Hacks for 2016

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News Flash for 2016 is that a whole new dimension of Digital Marketing has opened up for small businesses. A significant change in the online arena  has led to a whole new transformation in the digital marketing world. Businesses today are focusing on unique digital marketing trends that help bring an upsurge in their  profit chart.Now if you are a complete novice in this field, then you have to make sure that you read up the list below so that you can inculcate them in your business venture.

  • Go beyond the social networking sites: People will not go for the buying of stuff in Facebook or Twitter and that is the reason why you need to advertise more than that. Try to go for the various popular search engines like Google to ensure automatic visual reach of the clients.
  • Do not ignore Snapchat: Other marketing brands might be making the mistake of not advertising in Snapchat, but you should not be the one to ignore it because in the current year, Snapchat will take over the marketing field completely.
  • Interact with audience: Make sure that you have the communication mode with the audience with the help of live chat and video streaming.
  • Advertise using Instagram:Now instagram is a very popular place to market and it gives the clients paid opportunities to advertise as well- so be quick to start your marketing there itself.
  • Pay-per click marketing : A storming step- In this sort of marketing, you pay the ones directing and redirecting your links to a lot of destinations and instead you can have your marketing done in a global level.
  • Make use of digitalisation: Now since everything has gone perfectly digital, try making an app which is mobile specific so that your brand is portable and a viable option wherever, whenever.
  • Make the advertisements audience specific: If you are launching a product for general use; create different advertisements catered to different age groups so that the people belonging to them can relate to the same.
  • Use consumer feedback as a marketing strategy: In your brand website; keep a forum where the consumers will be told to give their feedback on the products. When the other visitors check it out, they will generally have the tendency to try the product for once.
  • User Interface: Increase the dimension of shopping experience provided to the clients so that they can be interested to visit your shopping site over and over again.
  • Blogging: Make use of blogs in order to have the best of the marketing- Interesting content can enhance marketing even better than advertising.

Long story short, if you are smart enough to abide by these trends, you will be able to make out the difference in the profit chart within a couple of months. So what are you waiting for?

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